Project abstract:

Moodli is an online mood sharing network in which users can post moods and view moods globally, or by location. This data is gathered in order to allow users to see the average mood of a city, county/state or country. The website allows biometric data to be sent from the physical computing aspect of the project, and attempts to take this data and convert it into readable human emotion by suggesting moods. This is achieved by the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Processing and Arduino.

This project was my final piece for university. I'd made physical sensors using a Galvanic Skin Response kit to be worn by the user, and the reading from this would be interpreted by an Arduino Uno running a Processing program. This data was sent to a website I'd made which would attempt to process the reading in a way that could present the user with a mood, and a group of suggested moods, that they may be feeling.

If the user had an account, they were then able to post their mood. The site acted as a digital mood diary for the user, as well as keeping the actual reading data saved should they need this for any medical history reasons.

Tech used

  • Arduino
  • Processing
  • GSR Kit
  • PHP
  • Sass
  • JavaScript